Atomic Repairs

25.00 EUR


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Pictures from the project here

Atomic is here! The iconic manufacturing company for tires and other rubber parts has opened with a brand new auto repair shop! 

In our series of small, GTAV-lore friendly auto repair interiors, atomic is the second release of Sanhje and Synced | Moertn.

This interior comes with a fully equipped storefront, inclusive multiple custom props, and a custom counter. Besides this, Atomic includes an office with two workplaces and everything a small office needs. Last but not least, the heart piece of this auto repair shop offers a huge workshop area with 2 gates, a pause/chill-corner, a pit for under-car-repairs, as well as a seconds repair place that also is suitable for having paintjobs. Of course, every room is propped with multiple custom designed props, all beautifully textured with substance painter. Another highlight of this iconic MLO is the exterior edits, which not only include a new staircase for the entrance as well as a railing on the main-ground, but also a huge cleanup behind the building and additional 6 parking lots, to fit the need of every customer and employee. Since the interior is situated in a generally quite low populated area, we´ve decided to go with double sided windows for the final touch.

We hope you´ll enjoy our work and have much fun with this creation.

Location:  x= 488.26, y= -1892.57, z= 25.68

Edits to Exterior

  • Cleaned up the outside, remove unnecessary stuff and garbage
  • Removed two garage doors and repalce them with a single door entrance to the sales room of the interior
  • Added emissive textures to the letters on the exterior building
  • Added a parkinglot at the back of the building
  • LODS

The Interior

  • Storefront
  • Office with two working places
  • Garage
  • One pit for car repair with separate stairs to enter
  • 27 Custom models with Custom textures
  • Custom timecycle
  • Double sided windows since the interior is located in a low populated area

Who made what

  • @Moertn84: Design, Modeling, Propping
  • @sanhje: Implementation, Lighting, Texturing, Exterior edits

Interior file size: 28.7 mb