Here you can check out all my public interiors, make sure to read the descriptions. All of them contain links to a showcase video and pictures of each project. 

About me

I've spent over 3 years making mods for GTA V, and researching how the Rockstar's RAGE Engine works. I've learned a lot over the 3 years on how to optimize interior and models by polycount and how to setup the interior the best way to not be fully loaded unless the player is inside it. How to create custom content and get it to work correctly without any performance loss. You can check out all my custom interiors here.

My tech stack

  • Blender
  • Substance Painter
  • Materialize
  • 3dsMax

Be a part of my community

Be a part of the community by joining my discord. Where you can find channels for suggestions, mapping-help, showcase of projects I currently work on, and general chat channels. If you need help or have any questions you want answered before purchasing you can create a ticket in the support channel, or send me a DM on the fivem forums here.