Tire Nutz

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Tire Nutz is an auto repair and parts shop located at the corner of Innocence Blvd and Power St in Strawberry, Los Santos. Tire Nutz is one of the iconic mechanic shops in GTA V. Tire Nutz is an individual business, well known by its two large tires on the roof of the building. Since Grand Theft Auto is all about cars, we’ve decided to create an interior that truly fits the lore and feel of the city Los Santos. 

Edits to Exterior

  • Cleaned up the outside, remove unnecessary stuff and garbage
  • Removed two garage doors and repalce them with a single door entrance to the sales room of the interior
  • Spinning sign
  • Added emissive textures to the signs on the exterior
  • LODS

The Interior

  • Storefront
  • Office with two working places and a pentry kitchen
  • Garage
  • Two pits for car repair with separate stairs to enter
  • 23 Custom models with Custom textures
  • Custom timecycle
  • Optimized with one sided windows to not cause performance issues on the outside, since this normally is a highly populated area where people drive past

Who made what
@Moertn84: Design, Modeling, Propping
@stianhje: Implementation, Lighting, Texturing

Interior file size: 21.1 mb